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Music, Society, Racism, Black, Hunger,
Homelessness, System, Control, Dark, Oppression


Enjoy a quick Sampling



A sudden breeze

moves me more

than music nowadays

spending time laughing at

shallow singers surf

radio waves

listening in dismay

to the same six songs

spinning in a death defying rotation

until somebody sings along

another day

another person programmed

by a radio station


A Star is Born


We surf on social media waves,

exploring time lines

where stars are born

to be superficial

for digital eyes

to quantify perfection.


We exist. They live.

They raise our interest.

We pay attention,

year after year,

following these stars,

until we become indebted souls,

lost on the dark side of the fence.





New Normal! New World! New Oligarchy!

Everyday a piece of liberty is chipped away.

Worldwide Depression on the horizon!


WHO has the remedy?

One nation under siege,

Reorganizing like a corporation.

Limited liability protecting Big Brother, as citizens

Drown in debt.


Our land is their land!

Reality stars watch their fans fade away into the

Dark Ages,

Erasing memories of democracy, until we

Rise again!


Free Thinker


My head floating into tainted contrails,

listening to lost voices echo.


Stars tethered with cocaine lines

and broken places where bones meet.


Buried memories resurface

the moment a child ascends into adulthood.


The road to victory

is a constellation,


drifting above noise and blackness

and levitating behind the great puppeteer.