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Music, Society, Racism, Black, Hunger,
Homelessness, System, Control, Dark, Oppression

Dark Side of the Fence

I truly enjoyed Dark Side of the Fence. Giles manages to give the reader a thought provoking glance at life through his eyes. I found myself reading the book over and over, each time discovering little nuances that I missed. Giles poignantly tackles timely issues such as the rise of social media, race relations in America, and much more. A great read for adolescents as well as adults, with necessary messages sprinkled throughout.

Reviewed by TheOneAndOnly - Amazon 5 Star


The author’s way of presenting his experiences in such a poetic way was impressive. This poetic feel had me nodding in agreement and it inspired me to pay more attention to the world around me. Can’t wait for his next work of art!!!!!

Reviewed by Trisha - Amazon 5 Star


This was a great ready!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Reviewed by Lyanna - Amazon 5 Star


A heavy dose of lyricism from writer LaMar S. Giles is just what the doctor ordered. A fresh perspective on current affairs, Giles brings to light his darker shades of reflection. On not just the downtrodden, but society at large during the pandemic, effects of social media, and even tackles the momentous topic of our time: racial inequality. Echoing the great Langston Hughes, readers are already looking forward to the next release from Giles.

Professional Review by Mobius


A jaw dropping page turner. If you haven't purchased Dark Side of the Fence, you don't know what you're missing. Each poem had me experiencing emotions that I couldn't even fathom. I purchased the e-book two months ago, and I've read it countless times. I can't wait to see more works of art from LaMar S. Giles.

Reviewed by PrinceofJersey


A must read. Dark Side of the Fence is a thought provoking, rhythmic roller coaster. I read this book several times and find a new hidden gem each time. My two favorite poems are ‘Tent City’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ This book is truly a masterpiece!

Reviewed by Ravon

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